The Lowdown on Co-Working

We’re serious about co-working and it’s coming to Arlington sooner than anyone thought. Arlington Entrepreneurs is working with WorkBar to make sure we get the opportunities we need to grow and thrive. AE member and journalist extraordinaire Bob Sprague has given us an in-depth account of our first town co-working meeting and went on to explain the concept in more detail.

Many thanks, Bob!


Mill buildings
Former Mill at Mirak, site of many small businesses, including co-working in rear, at left.

Co-Working to Hit Heights…
by Bob Sprague, YourArlington

Working in 2015 can be lonely.

The employment game has been changing for decades: Many of you no longer toil 40 years for a corporation and retire with a company pension.

By at least 2005, if not since the late 1990s, the fragmentation of the workplace led to various forms of declarations of employment independence. One is called coworking, and it’s coming to Arlington.

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