Exceptional Talent + Good Will = The AE Advisory Board!

Please welcome Maria Yunis, Carol Costello, Debra Woog and Laura Bergamini as members of the Arlington Entrepreneurs Advisory Board. Our strategic planning capabilities have taken a large leap forward since their arrival, starting with the 2017 Arlington Entrepreneurs Wants and Needs Survey.

The Board came together as the result of an outreach gesture made by AE Founder Margy Rydzynski  during a coffee break last fall. Arlington Entrepreneurs is a large and diverse organization. Margy admitted that it was quite difficult for one person to run it effectively, particularly given her recent bouts with ill health. Margy asked for help and, to her delight and surprise, everyone at the coffee said yes and set up a date for the first meeting.

Since then, the Board has offered expert insights and suggestions, starting with the survey and going on from there. Here’s an introduction to each Board member. Please take a minute to visit their websites and connect with them on Arlington Entrepreneurs:



laura bergamini
Laura Bergamini

Laura Bergamini. Laura is a native Italian speaker who works as a technical-documents translator between Italian and English. Her multiple language fluency and European background offer some new perspectives on business and business management.

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carol costello
Carol Costello

Carol Costello. Carol is a community-builder by trade. She’s managed two co-working offices, one in North Cambridge and the other right here in Arlington, at WorkBar. She was part of a group that helped create an organization for survivors of traumatic brain injuries. Before that she spent over 20 years in sales and marketing for a Fortune 500 company

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debra woog
Debra Woog

Debra Woog. Debra has worked for nearly two decades as a leadership and career coach. According to Debra, “My communications firm connect2 Corporation teaches women professionals, via speaking, writing and coaching, to connect to and prosper from their brilliance.” Debra is also the founder of the AE group: “Women Entrepreneurs of Arlington.”

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maria yunis
Maria Yunis

Maria Yunis
. Maria is the guiding light behind Live Your Unspoken Dreams, a life-coaching service that helps people fulfill their life’s potential. She offers several coaching programs, depending on her client’s specific needs and place in their personal journeys. She has over 15 years of corporate, high-tech, consulting, pharmaceutical, and academic experience, along with a background in design, corporate communication and curriculum development.

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