Network Like it’s 1999: Why Writers Need to Pound the Pavement

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Here’s a great article about networking, the type that’s in-person and not just online. I’m a writer and I know how comfortable and safe the written word can be, especially when it’s compared to talking with a real, live person.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone. Arlington Entrepreneurs hosts multiple networking events per month and it’ll be worth your while to start coming to them regularly. You’ll come away with some new leads. Even better, you can establish yourself as a written-word expert, something most other folks find very intimidating.

Here’s an article from the Freelancers Union that offers some great tips for getting used to a room full of people. Jump on it – the water’s fine!

Network Like it’s 1999
by Kris Connor

“I have been an independent writer and communications consultant for almost two decades. I’ve been fortunate to have a steady stream of work during that time, mostly due to the fact that I work in different niches. This diversity has often saved me from major dry spells. When one side of the business drops off, the other tends to pick up. Usually there is a good combination of different kinds of work.

But to borrow a line from Prince, due to a dry spell I’m networking like it’s 1999. I’m not just reaching out to contacts I know well, but to many others I know only loosely, or not at all — because they work for organizations that interest me. Admittedly, it feels a little like starting over. It’s humbling, sometimes frustrating, but also rewarding and rejuvenating. It’s probably not unlike dating after a divorce.”

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Storytelling for Your Business: An Interview with Lynette Benton

Freelance Nation
Storytelling for Your Business: An Interview with Lynette Benton

Content is king. There’s a lot of competition for attention, especially online. Well crafted stories can help engage your audience and keep their attention. Learn how to craft your tale from writing pro Lynette Benton, who has a background both in writing as well as in business. Your stories need to be as engaging as that novel you just can’t put down. Believe it or not, the same techniques that went into writing that blockbuster can and should be applied to any content you produce.

There’s a lot of competition for eyeballs out there. Give yourself a head start with this introduction to the fine art of storytelling – for your business and your customers.