Three Things You Should Know About the Paycheck Protection Program

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Three Things You Should Know About the Paycheck Protection Program

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Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a small business owner, you might be looking into getting an SBA loan through the Paycheck Protection Program.

However, you might be having issues hearing back from a PPP lender, or wonder how Unemployment Insurance or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance affects your eligibility for a loan. Here are three answers to three common questions we’ve seen in our Mutual Aid Google Group:

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The Freelancers Guide to 2019 Taxes

It’s that time of year again. TIme to collect all those slips of paper and call the accountant, or prepare your 2018 taxes on your own. The Freelancers Union has a few helpful tips for handling this paperwork-heavy task. Read on and sharpen those pencils!

The Freelancers Union 2019 tax guide

We’ve put together everything freelancers need to know about 2019 taxes, from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s (tax reform) impact on deductions, and key filing dates, to how to handle W-2s and supplemental income.

With less than six weeks to go until the Monday, April 15 filing deadline, 2019 tax season is well and truly upon us. And while taxes are anxiety-inducing at the best of times, this is no ordinary year.

The major piece of tax reform legislation known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) goes into effect this year, and will have significant effects on individuals, businesses, and tax exempt entities. As freelancers operate across all sectors of the workforce, it is therefore crucial to familiarize yourself with these changes, as well as fundamental best filing practices.

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