Storytelling for Your Business: An Interview with Lynette Benton

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Storytelling for Your Business: An Interview with Lynette Benton

Content is king. There’s a lot of competition for attention, especially online. Well crafted stories can help engage your audience and keep their attention. Learn how to craft your tale from writing pro Lynette Benton, who has a background both in writing as well as in business. Your stories need to be as engaging as that novel you just can’t put down. Believe it or not, the same techniques that went into writing that blockbuster can and should be applied to any content you produce.

There’s a lot of competition for eyeballs out there. Give yourself a head start with this introduction to the fine art of storytelling – for your business and your customers.

Mixing it Up This Month

Network and Learn at Caffe Nero

We have two new programs at Arlington Entrepreneurs and they’re going to be taking place on the same date and time. On Thursday, January 31 we’ll be launching a new networking event, this time at night at Caffe Nero in Arlington Center. Most respondents to last month’s Wants and Needs Survey asked for more night time networking opportunities and we’re happy to oblige. Here’s more information about that.

Survey respondents asked for more training and education opportunities as well. We’re therefore launching a new series of individual consultations, which will be taking place at the same time we’ll be hosting our networking event at Caffe Nero. Nero is a big place and there are plenty of opportunities to move to a quiet corner to work one-on-one. This January we’re launching this new initiative with a Website Checkup, hosted by the Strategic Adrenaline team of Mike Grossman and Lauren Stakutis. Mike’s a search engine optimization (SEO) guru and web developer. He’ll evaluate your website from the standpoint of search engine optimization. Lauren is a marketing and communications pro, who will be evaluating your site’s content to make sure you’re getting your message across clearly and effectively.

This is a new series and, for now, we’re limiting the Website Checkup to 7 people. Each consultation will run from 10 – 15 minutes. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

RSVP for Nero at Night (no Website Checkup, just straight networking)
RSVP for Learn Something New at Nero (price includes free admission to networking)