An Important Appeal from The Regent Theatre

The Regent Theatre, via AE member and theater owner Leland Stein, needs your help. The coronavirus crisis has affected everybody’s bottom line, but arts organizations have been especially hard hit. Arlington Entrepreneurs hopes you’ll take a moment to read Leland’s appeal and pitch in to help. Eventually, this crisis will be over. We want to make sure our Town still has the small businesses it had before this all started. Let’s do our part to keep all our businesses healthy and going strong.

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Support the Regent Theatre


Dear Friends,
Do you love Janis Joplin? Lizzo? Nirvana? Chance the Rapper? Lady Gaga?
The independent venues that helped launch these superstars need your help. Contact your Senators and Representatives and let them know you support your mom and pop venues who need financial support from the federal government.
It will only take 60 seconds to make your voice heard.
We Need Your Help To Save The Regent Theatre
Thank you for your ongoing support of The Regent. Together with you we have played a role in bringing Arlington and neighboring communities to life and furthering the careers of countless artists. For nearly 20 years, we have booked an incredible variety of performances, films, and community events because of our independence. Now independent venues like ours are at risk, and we need you to tell our Senators and Representatives how important The Regent is to you and your community.
When this crisis began, independent music venues were the first to close, and we will be the last to open. While completely shuttered we have little revenue, most of our employees and artists are without jobs, and normal bills keep coming, regardless.
We have joined the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), a group of close to 1,500 independent music venues and promoters in all 50 states, to collectively urge Congress to help protect our industry by providing the financial support that is necessary for us to survive the shutdown and reopen once again.
Please join us and support our cause by calling and writing our Senators and Representatives today. It’s fast and easy:
Yell it, scream it, clap your hands, and pound your feet like you’re calling the band back for an encore! Please help us ensure we survive by using your voice now (and tell a friend or 100 friends!). #SaveOurStages
And… stay tuned for our next newsletter with some important and exciting announcements regarding new fundraising initiatives, virtual film screening events, and much more…
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Take Care and Stay Safe.
We hope to see you soon!
Leland Stein & All of Us at

Arts Arlington – A Feast for the Eyes and Ears this June

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Catch the Fun!

It’s a warm day in May. You pick up a coffee to go, head outside to enjoy the spring, and see…a belly dancer in Broadway Plaza? Or hear the strains of acoustic guitar drifting across Uncle Sam Plaza? Or enjoy folk tales told by exquisite puppets in a miniature theater outside a local café?

It’s all part of a new initiative called Live Arts Arlington. Performances will be popping up in public places in the Town Center this May and June thanks to the volunteer arts activists who work together as the Programs & Festivals Committee, a new group formed by the Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture. Live Arts is the Committee’s first project, a pilot effort in partnership with artists designed to encourage public performance and creation in the Town. The group has invited diverse artists to step out and share their expertise on sidewalks, parks and plazas where people will encounter and enjoy their work.

Here’s the June, 2019 listing of events: