Work Comfortably and Efficiently: An Interview with Organizer Linda Varone

You may have left the cubicle, but the cubicle may not have left you. Is your home office organized in a way that maximizes your efficiency and your health? There’s more to office design than deciding where the inbox tray goes.

Interior space organizer Linda Varone has expertise not only in office design, but in design psychology and ergonomics. She also incorporates the traditional Chinese practice of Feng Shui to ensure a total design and energy balance so her clients get a space that’s best suited to their type and line of work. In this interview, we’ll ask Linda for her perspectives on office design as it applies to your work life and your life after work.

A New Way to Be in the World – a Conversation with Debra Woog

Debra Woog
Debra Woog
Debra Woog of Connect2

Women entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges. They have to be – and do – everything, not just competently, but heroically. Leadership coach Debra Woog works with women entrepreneurs to free them from the trap of “hyper-competence,” as she describes it.

According to Debra: “We leaders, especially modern women professionals, need a new way to be in the world.  Many of us are overdoing, beyond what’s healthy for us. We are too good, for our own good, at getting things done. We are hyper-competent.  We are hyper-productive.  We are hyper-accountable. We try to do it all, everything we expect of ourselves and most of what we imagine others expect from us.  We go over, beyond, and above.  Our lives exhaust us.  We try to escape the overload by numbing out — with food, alcohol, pills, media, etc.  But, as my friend Geoff Laughton says, “People’s control strategies aren’t working anymore.“ In other words, we are still in pain.  The stakes of hyper-responsibility and over-empowerment are dangerously high.

Debra sat down with AE host Margy Rydzynski to discuss this tendency. It strongly resonated with her and, if you’re a woman entrepreneur, with you as well. Don’t miss this interesting, critical interview.


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