LinkedIn for the Linked Out: Help Around Town

Help Around Town is a local website which provides odd-job opportunities for those who need work and for those who need help. Arlington Entrepreneurs sat down with site founder Reem Yared to talk about the service, along with the mission and goals of the organization.

Need some extra cash in your pocket? Or, looking for some help with that one, small chore? Visit Help Around Town at: Help is on the way!

Storytelling for Your Business: An Interview with Lynette Benton

Content is king. There’s a lot of competition for attention, especially online. Well crafted stories can help engage your audience and keep their attention. Learn how to craft your tale from writing pro Lynette Benton, who has a background both in writing as well as in business. Your stories need to be as engaging as that novel you just can’t put down. Believe it or not, the same techniques that went into writing that blockbuster can and should be applied to any content you produce.

There’s a lot of competition for eyeballs out there. Give yourself a head start with this introduction to the fine art of storytelling – for your business and your customers.