Reflections of an Arlington Entrepreneur: Maureen E. Igoe

In this new interview series, we meet our Arlington Entrepreneurs Premium members. Get to know Maureen E. Igoe, MBA, CLTC, CRPC of Amerprise Financial Services, Inc.

Tell us about your business? Who do you serve?  What difference do you make to your clients?

I work with my clients to help them achieve their full financial potential using the resources they have.  My clients are successful professionals working to provide for a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.

I help clients take the time to focus their overall financial health and keep them on track to reach their short term and long term financial independence and to achieve freedom from financial stress.

What’s your next business goal?

My next business goal is to reach a better work and life balance to stay healthy so that I can continue to collaborate with my clients for years to come.

Why are you a member of Arlington Entrepreneurs?

I enjoy meeting new people, staying connected with our local community and appreciate the workshops offered through Arlington Entrepreneurs.    There are so many interesting, inspiring, compassionate and energetic members of our group – I always learn something new at our meetings.

What advice or tips would you like to share with other Arlington Entrepreneurs?

My best advice to other AE members is to continue to follow your passion and enjoy your work.  Take on clients you enjoy working with and who respect you and your expertise.  Ask for referrals, i.e. tell your clients and network who you can help and who you enjoy working with.

How can we learn more about what you do?

Please visit my website:  for more details about my financial practice.  I am available for an initial complimentary consultation to learn more about how I help my clients and how I might be able to help you with your financial questions.

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