Reflections of an Arlington Entrepreneur: Laura Bergamini

In this new interview series, we meet our Arlington Entrepreneurs Premium members. Get to know Laura Bergamini of Langzone.


Tell us about your business.  Who do you serve? What difference do you make for your clients or customers?

After working as an in-house translator for a large multinational company for a couple of years, I decided to start my own business. That was 1991, the year my daughter was born, and I’ve been at it every since.

As a native Italian speaker, I have been providing localization services for over 25 years from my Arlington home office. Localization encompasses not only a simple process of translating content from one language to the other, but rather a whole gamut of issues relating to cultural adaptation, transcription, and at times, straight recreation of culturally-appropriate texts.

Serving diversified clients – software/hardware development, manufacturing, engineering, medical and pharmaceutical, life science, food & beverage, automotive, just to name a few – I provide written translations of English materials meant for the Italian market, and I have built a tight network of translators in other language combinations, thoroughly vetted and with many decades of combined experience. This has allowed me to work with direct clients, bypassing translation agencies, to provide highly customizable services and build long-lasting relationships. Advantages for clients are: cost transparency, higher quality and better pricing (no middle-man taking a cut), faster turnaround times.

What’s your next major business goal?

My major business goal, looking ahead, is to expand my services by providing training and workshops to companies who have their own in-house localization teams on the use of specific tools to increase output without sacrificing quality.

Why are you a member of Arlington Entrepreneurs?

I became a member of AE as a means to give back to the community where I’ve lived for most of my professional life. As a self-employed professional who works at home, I often feel isolated and lack social opportunities in a business context. I think I have something to offer to the community of local entrepreneurs, but I also have a lot to gain from other professionals’ experiences and perspectives.

What advice or tips would you like to share with other Arlington Entrepreneurs?

Get involved in your local community – you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain! Participate in events, expand your skills by learning from other professionals, or find people to offload tasks you are not good at (case in point: bookkeeping). Share your knowledge by giving a seminar or a workshop, it’s a great way to expand your customer base and be known in your community.

How can we learn more about what you do?

By visiting my websites: and

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