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A free webinar, by AE Premium member Andrew Winig, of ImprovAndy. Andy’s a talented business communications expert who focuses on networking dos and don’ts. Read his free webinar description below:

May 2, beginning at 2 pm. See below for more information and to RSVP!

5 techniques you can use immediately to get better leads from your networking group

It’s time to meet the right people.

The people who return your calls.

The people who send you leads.

The people who answer your questions.

Here’s a little secret.

You already know these people.

You do!

You’ve already met them.

You (and they) just don’t know it yet.

Because even though you (and they) see each other every 2 weeks

…at your networking group meetings

…you’re not taking the crucial next step to become referrable.

I’m willing to bet that there is plenty of opportunity hiding in your business networking group.

Even if you haven’t seen any results.

Even if people don’t return your calls.

Even if you don’t think you know that many people.

So, I’m doing a free interactive 60 minute webinar to share my step-by-step process to get better leads from your networking group.

The first step — drink more coffee!

Don’t worry. You don’t actually have to drink coffee if you don’t want to.

But you do have to sit down for what I call coffee meetings.

I’ll go through, step by step, how to decide:

  • Who to invite
  • When to invite them
  • How to deal with no shows (and non responses)
  • Where to meet
  • Who pays
  • How to start the conversation
  • How to know when you’re done
  • How to follow up without being annoying
  • How often to meet
  • Who will be your best referral sources

I’ll explain how coffee meetings are the foundation for consistently and confidently meeting new people, developing trust, and expanding your referral network.

I’ll show you a unified approach to business networking, and you’ll learn several practical techniques you can use immediately to get better results from your current networking groups.

Join us to Expand Your Referral Network.

Can make it live? All registrants get full unlimited access to the webinar recording.

Hurry. The webinar is free, and seating is unlimited.

Reserve your spot now to avoid missing out.

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