Coffee and Conversation

Most of us work from home, or settle into anonymous coffee shops to get through our daily tasks. It’s productive, but isolating. I tried an experiment a week or so ago and started a new event series that focuses on breaking through the isolation bubble.

coffee and cup
Coffee and Conversation

Our first event, Coffee at Kickstand, was really nice. I got there a bit early and saved a table, then wondered what I was going to do with myself for the next hour and a half. There’s only so much coffee I can drink. I pulled out my smartphone and started browsing, feeling increasingly weird and embarrassed. What is no one showed up? Worse, what if someone did show up and I didn’t know what to say or do?

Fortunately, that problem took care of itself. Our first attendee came by about 10 minutes later and got herself a coffee and a muffin. Then I realized I was getting hungry so I excused myself and – surprise! – ran into participant number two who specifically asked if I was the person from Arlington Entrepreneurs here for the coffee hour.

My outlook on this series improved dramatically after that, as a few more and more people showed up. Pretty soon we were talking about our lives, our work and our families. We talked, we laughed, we drank coffee or tea and munched on snacks. The cafe was nice and quiet and we had a full table by the time I had to leave. They stayed on and kept talking.

Yes, folks, I think we have a winner here! Keep an eye out for more AE coffee hours, along with other events geared to get you out of the house and into the community.

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