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When it Comes to Scaling Up Your Business, Don’t Overlook the Details


Are you thinking of expanding your business, perhaps adding new staff or product lines? Any change involves a certain degree of complexity and may challenge your comfort level and experience. None of these challenges are unsolvable, however. You just have to make room for them.

This article by Freelance Union member Tyra Seldon has some thoughts about scaling up a business and shares her advice, below:

When it Comes to Scaling Up Your Business, Don’t Overlook the Details
by Tyra Seldon, Freelancers Union

Many of us may have aspirational goals of growing our freelance enterprises or scaling up. Who doesn’t want more clients? More projects? More revenue?

Not casting a universal net, but, it is probably fair to say that even if becoming a Fortune 500 company is not your heart’s desire, longevity is–and longevity often requires scaling up your business.

What does it mean to scale up?
The concept of scaling or scaling up is actual derived from the math concept of making “something larger in size, amount, etc. than it used to be.”

Something as simple as going from five clients to seven clients can be considered scaling up. Even growing from two employees to four requires a change. Even though these numbers may seem small, or inconsequential, any time we add to what we do, it changes the dynamic of what we do.

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Meet Brendan, Our New Intern!


I’m delighted to introduce you all to Brendan McKenney, our new intern. Brendan is a Senior at Arlington High School who has some very strong entrepreneural instincts. He is the founder of Heights Landscaping, a local raking and shoveling enterprise he started with his brother. Along with his brother, Brendan has enough clients to warrant an entire crew of helpers.

Brendan will be joining us for the fall semester and wants to learn everything he can about running a business. He’ll be our featured guest at our upcoming coffee break events in October. Brendan will be helping with these and other events, and will be creating a new website for his business as his internship project. Feel free to stop by to share your wisdom and your experience.