5 Great Ideas to Use Facebook Live to Market Your Business

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Video marketing has exploded in popularity in recent years, and should be part of every effective marketing strategy.

Live videos on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram have a way of capturing attention like no other. The live element of the video creates an urgency and importance that’s hard to ignore. People watch live videos three times more than pre-recorded videos, says Social Media Today.

So the next time you see a blurry, sound-challenged, bumpy stream of a punk rock concert on your Facebook feed, imagine how much better you can use this medium.

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5 Essential Lessons From a Successful Entrepreneur

Post from Chad Peevy from the National Freelancers Union

Woman at keyboardI have a deep respect for anyone who takes the leap to go out on their own to start their own business. For most entrepreneurs, that means living life without a safety net. You’re putting yourself, your product, and your service out into the market and acting largely out of faith in yourself: faith that you will be able to make a living and faith that you will be able to support yourself, your family, and your employees.

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