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Reflections of an Arlington Entrepreneur: Margy Rydzynski

In this new interview series, we meet our Arlington Entrepreneurs Premium members. We begin with Margy Rydznksi, founder and Community Manager of Arlington Entrepreneurs. 


Tell us about your business.  Who do you serve? What difference do you make for your clients or customers?

Arlington Entrepreneurs is a networking and business development organization for people who are self-employed. We’ve been in business 10 – 12 years.

Freelancers and all other members of the “gig economy” have unique needs which other business organizations may not prioritize. For example, freelance workers often work in isolation, even if they’re at a coffee shop or co-working center. Arlington Entrepreneurs offers a wide range of social and networking activities designed to get people out of their offices and into the world where they can enjoy the company of other entrepreneurs and also get essential networking done with a group of people who share their needs and skills.

Freelance workers have to wear many hats. They are their own product developers, marketers, accountants, social media and newsletter publishers and computer support specialists. At the same time, they’re running a specific business. Needless to say, many who work in this environment are at a disadvantage since they the lack the financial resources and expertise to manage all these responsibilities. To meet this need, Arlington Entrepreneurs offers a series of educational networking seminars, often with follow up activities or “office hours” for those needing more help with a certain set of tasks.

Arlington Entrepreneurs is also working on some computer infrastructure products such as self-guided WordPress websites and the ability to create virtual classrooms, publish podcasts, set up e-commerce sites and more. The AE website itself is set up like a social network, where members get their own profile page and can interact with other members. Members can also join groups and host their own events, among other things.

AE’s emphasis on combating isolation and providing skills where and when needed has given it a strong community identity. Many have said that events run by Arlington Entrepreneurs are very different from other networking organizations.

What’s your next major business goal?

Arlington Entrepreneurs started out as a free resource. In the intervening years it has become one of the few voices for independent workers. Given its current size and scope of activities, it’s become crucial for the network to create a viable revenue stream. The organization convened an Advisory Board in 2016 and is currently working towards meeting this goal. It also began to consult with the Center for Women and Enterprise in 2018.

What advice or tips would you like to share with other Arlington Entrepreneurs?

Computer literacy is critical to the success of any business, especially very small ones. I would advise members to become more active on the site itself and also make it a point to attend at least the networking seminars. We have a lot to offer but it’s up to each individual member to take advantage of the resources that are available. I would also urge members to create and manage groups within the larger network. Group managers can run their own events, link their website or blog to the group and create forum-like conversations to ask and answer questions or work out joint strategies.

How can we learn more about what you do?

As the Community Manager of Arlington Entrepreneurs, I make it a point to be as available as possible to members or others considering joining the organization. Send me an email and we’ll meet for coffee! Come to an event and meet us in person. We also have a set of very dedicated Advisory Board members who would love to meet you and help you join our community. We’re here to help you!

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Welcome to Calm Island

Come out and play!

It’s a gorgeous day and I’m fried. Running a social network does that to you. I hope you’ve all received the latest email. Please look it over. We’re officially launching two groups with a double-header meet and greet at WorkBar Arlington. It all happens on April 1 (no joke). Women Entrepreneurs of Arlington will be serving tea and business-building ideas beginning at 10:30 am and going until noon. The Healthy Entrepreneur will get its kickoff in the late afternoon with a call for health and wellness practitioners both in and out of the network.

Women Entrepreneurs of Arlington was launched by AE member Debra Woog of Connect2. Debra has worked long and hard to improve the careers of women professionals. This initial meeting will give us a chance to meet each other, talk about our businesses and brainstorm some new ideas. I’m very excited to be part of this group and look forward to sharing ideas and challenges.

The Healthy Entrepreneur was a joint effort between myself and Leah Gilbert. Leah is an occupational therapist and a licensed mindful meditation teacher and practitioner. She has graciously taken the lead and is going to be heading up the afternoon meeting. That’s good. I’m a happy health and wellness client and patient, but have no background other than that!

Make it yours
Make it yours

I love what I do, but I’ve made sacrifices to get here. Working on your own is stressful, isolating and unpredictable. It’s easy to get lost in front of a computer and you never know what your income will be from month to month. We forget to exercise and don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals. Burning the candle at both ends becomes a way of life. I neglected my health for years and last summer that fact came back to bite me. The experience scared some sense into me. I’m exercising, eating healthy(ier) meals, meditating and getting regular massages. I listen to my doctor, get regular checkups and put up with whatever medication regimen is necessary. I happen to like my life and want to stick around as long as possible!

Chill, girl
Chill, girl

My own experiences were the initiating factors for starting The Healthy Entrepreneur. Arlington has a wealth of health and wellness practitioners and I’d like to use my communication skills and local connections to help that community thrive. The first meeting will include a meet and greet and will give everyone a chance to introduce themselves. Health and Wellness people and people who want to get and stay healthier – this is your group. Do with it what you will!

Thanks for hanging on and reading through to the end. I think I’ll pack up the computer, do a little browsing here at the library and then head out on foot to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Maybe I’ll even stop for a cup of coffee – decaf of course!