Looking for a Gig? Check Out the Job Club for Some Leads.

Job Club Evening Group meeting at Comella’s Restaurant in Belmont

Monday, September 16, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm
Comella’s Restaurant, 43 Leonard St., Belmont

Free and open to all!

As freelancers, we’re always looking for that next job. Join the Job Club Evening Group, a member organization of Arlington Entrepreneurs, for some networking and possible lead generation. The meeting will center around a discussion of job-search tips and techniques, idea-sharing and plans for career development of all types, including self-employment.

Job Club Evening Meeting at Panera Bread in Cambridge – Tonight!

Tonight at Panera Bread in Porter Square!

Downstairs section, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
5 White Street Place in Porter Square Shopping Plaza

Hosted by AE Premium member Job Club Evening Group

Join the Job Club Evening group tonight at Panera Bread in Porter Square for a discussion of career-related issues, including issues of interest to entrepreneurs. We are, after all, all applying for “jobs” with each new client or marketing campaign.

Club founder David Plancon will be bringing handouts of interest to traditional job seekers as well as entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach.

Interested? Contact David at plancond@yahoo.com for more information. Or, come to the meeting and/or download these related files:

Download (PDF, 52KB)

Download (PDF, 118KB)

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