Arts Arlington – A Feast for the Eyes and Ears this June

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Catch the Fun!

It’s a warm day in May. You pick up a coffee to go, head outside to enjoy the spring, and see…a belly dancer in Broadway Plaza? Or hear the strains of acoustic guitar drifting across Uncle Sam Plaza? Or enjoy folk tales told by exquisite puppets in a miniature theater outside a local café?

It’s all part of a new initiative called Live Arts Arlington. Performances will be popping up in public places in the Town Center this May and June thanks to the volunteer arts activists who work together as the Programs & Festivals Committee, a new group formed by the Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture. Live Arts is the Committee’s first project, a pilot effort in partnership with artists designed to encourage public performance and creation in the Town. The group has invited diverse artists to step out and share their expertise on sidewalks, parks and plazas where people will encounter and enjoy their work.

Here’s the June, 2019 listing of events:

Art Rocks at Spy Pond

Art Exhibit at Spy Pond
Bicycles Encouraged!

Take advantage of the spring weather to visit Spy Pond in Arlington Center. View the scenic pond at the height of its spring color and check out the latest public art installation: Art Rocks Spy Pond.

The exhibition ends on May 31, so be sure to get there in time. And why not? The weather’s great and this happy little piece of the outdoors is waiting for you and your picnic basket!