Welcome to Fall!

The air conditioners are still installed, but we’re leaving our windows open at night to catch the cool breezes. The vegetable garden is knocking out tomatoes and sprouting herbs in their full harvest glory. Summer is just now starting to wind down, or at least we’re starting to think about the month ahead.

Arlington Entrepreneurs will be busy this fall with events, group activities and more: coffee breaks and happy hours, networking events and presentations.

Want a low-stress entree to fall events? Join us for a snack and beverage at Kickstand Cafe on September 17. We’ll be waiting for you!



Laptop? Notebook? Removable? Where to Start.

I came across this email from AE member Computer Cafe this morning. It offers some very helpful advice about computer types and which ones might be best for you and your business.

How to Choose a New Computer

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Be sure to visit Computer Cafe in Arlington Center if you have any questions! And many thanks to Craig, Justin and the team at the Cafe!

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