Building A Business Along the Straight and Narrow? Won’t Happen.

Up, Down and Around. Situation Normal.
Up, Down and Around. Situation Normal.

I was working my way through my morning news read when I came across this great post. It’s a humorous examination of the expectations small business owners frequently have about their growth and development. It’s rare to find a perspective that applies to small and micro-business owners and I grab those articles whenever I can.

Here’s some advice, then, from a local business that truly understands what it’s like. Thank you, Michael Katz of Blue Penguin Development for your advice, encouragement and comfort.

People who’ve never worked for themselves often make…an…erroneous assumption about running a business: They think it will be a steady climb, when in fact, it’s anything but.

In my experience, it goes something like this:

Up … up … down … sidewayssssss … up … more up … down … down … what the … maybe I should get a job again … oh look, leveling off … AMAZING! … sideways the other way … AAArrrrggggg!!! …. down … UP … UP … what the hell just happened?

Been there, done that, right? Now here’s the rest of the article:

Fly The Friendly Skies (by Michael Katz, Blue Penguin Development)

The truth is, I’m not actually afraid of heights … I’m afraid of falling from heights.

Read the rest of this article here.


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