A One-Hour Marketing Plan

With thanks to Michael McLaughlin, of MindShare Consulting. Think you don’t have enough time for marketing? Here are a few suggestions that can take as little as one hour per week. The world needs to hear from you. Don’t put it off!

Think You’re Too Busy to Market Your Business?

Stop watch
There really are enough hours in the day

Think Again.

If you’re like a lot of consultants, your plate is full. Very full.

You’ve got projects to run, a business to manage, and a personal life. Sometimes, there’s just not enough time in the day.

The natural reaction to the stress of being overloaded is to put off something on your to-do list. When you get too busy, you sort through your priorities and often it’s your marketing activities that you put on the back burner.

Why? Because it’s an easy thing to put on hold. You can convince yourself that publishing that article later than planned won’t hurt anything. Or you promise yourself that you will rework your web presence next month.

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