Waiting For The Crowd to Move In

Add a multi media messageThis Thursday, with any luck, I’ll be migrating our members on Ning to the new Arlington Entrepreneurs. Setting up and managing this network has been a learning experience. I teach a less complex version of WordPress at Arlington Continuing Education and I can say that I now fully understand how confused and overwhelmed a new user can be. I owe a great deal to my ever-patient web developer Mary, who came recommended by AE member Debra Woog. I’m also very grateful to everybody who gave me advice and help along the way.

Since this is a new environment, I’m sure there will be snags and hitches. I’m writing up documentation to get users through the tricky parts. It’s nice to have a user network that’s in our complete control. I think we’ll all be better off for it.

Oh: if you have a small business in Arlington and would like to join, drop me a line below and I’ll send you a signup code. It’s a security¬† measure, to let me know that you’re really you.