8 Contract Provisions Every Freelancer Should Know

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Freelancers Union LogoGet things off to a good start for you and your clients. Make sure expectations are clear on both sides and stick to your guns when you have to set limits. This article from The Freelancer’s Union puts it all in perspective:

8 Contract Provisions Every Freelancer Should Know

If you’ve been freelancing for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard how important it is to get your client agreements in writing. As a former freelance writer and now lawyer who works with freelancers, I won’t tell you otherwise. It’s not just that a good contract can protect you if a client relationship goes south – it’s that a good contract helps avoid misunderstandings before they start. The very act of putting a contract together forces you and your client to articulate and clarify your expectations up front.

That said, some parts of a contract can be more important than others. Or at least they seem to come up more often in disputes. So, here’s a list of contract provisions to be particularly vigilant about, along with some tips on how to navigate them.

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