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Keep Your Money in Town – Shop Local This Holiday Season


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We’re taking a slightly different path with this month’s podcast. It’s the December holiday shopping season and we hope you’ll visit your local stores and restaurants, not just the mall. Online shopping certainly saves time, but neither you nor your local community benefits as much.

You may be overlooking the best gifts you’ll ever find, sourced and sold by small business owners, who work alongside their staff (or family) to find what you need and then cash you out. Even better – your dollars go to work in your community rather than fly off to a Caribbean tax haven, never to be seen again.

This month’s podcast features an interview with Alyssa Clossey, co-founder of Support Arlington Center. This neighborhood group plays a huge role in keeping businesses in our Town’s center alive and growing. It’s also a great example of how business and their surrounding communities can work together to keep their local economies healthy.

By all measures, the holiday shopping season is shaping up to be a good one. Make it the best ever, with goods and services that are available in your neighborhood. You might be surprised at how satisfying that experience can be. And, no parking hassles!

Listen to this episode right here, on the Arlington Entrepreneurs website. You can also listen to it on iTunes, SoundCloud and – just added! – Stitcher Radio. Give it a listen, then pack up the family and hit the streets for some great, local shopping.

Remember to Say Thank You!


November is Thanksgiving month. In our opinion, it should be the month of gratitude – a time to sit back and think about what we have, rather than what we want.

To that end, we’re interviewing a great little non-profit right here in Arlington, Massachusetts called Give Back Time. This organization matches volunteers to the non-profits who need them. Listen to what they have to say, then get in touch and pitch in! You can reach Give Back Time at:

Giving Tuesday LogoThis is also a good time to remember that Giving Tuesday (#givingtuesday) will be taking place on November 28, right after Thanksgiving. This is a great, national initiative that everyone should know about.

We hope you enjoy our interview with Arlington’s Give Back Time. Next month we’ll be talking about the importance of shopping locally. Stay tuned!

Stay Productive, Stay Healthy


Chris Vasiliadis of Priority Wellness

Our guest today is Chris Vasiliadis, of Priority Wellness. Chris is a health and wellness coach who helps her clients get and stay healthy. Her own journey began with an unexpected diagnosis of MS (multiple sclerosis). Chris will be talking about her work and will offer some interesting approaches to the concept of “work-life balance.”

Be sure to check out the Arlington Entrepreneurs group, The Healthy Entrepreneur. Add your own questions and comments and read articles about stress management and healthy eating. You can also read the group’s blog, The Healthy Entrepreneur.

Wellness professionals can add their blog to the group and to the group blog. Let Margy know if you’d like to do that and she’ll add your feed!

Visit Priority Wellness at:

Give that Computer a Thorough Spit and Polish this Summer


Summer is a slower time of the year for a lot of businesses. It’s also a time when folks finally have the opportunity to sit back and re-evaluate their business, in terms of strategy and technology.

This episode features computer guru Mike Grossman, of Mike Grossman Consulting, who will be talking about some things you can do to make sure your computer is running properly and doing its job: attracting potential new business.

Make made reference to some tools and tactics that you might want to follow up on your own. Here they are:

Google Chrome Incognito

Better than using incognito for checking your website’s rank: Website Rank Checker checker/

Google Search Console

WordPress Plugins:

Akismet plugin (anti-spam)

W3 Total Cache plugin (increase site speed)

SEO Audit:


Google Analytics

Google AdWords Express

ProsperWorks CRM

Here’s some additional information Mike offered on Google Analytics and Google AdWords Express. Here’s what Mike had to add:

“a) If you’re interested in taking a quantitative approach to understanding your website then I highly recommend connecting your website to Google Analytics. It’s free to use and it will give you a ton of data related to your website traffic. What pages people are viewing, how long are they on their pages, where your audience to located geographically and their age and gender.

If already setup with Google Analytics, then check traffic numbers and consider cross checking that data with sales numbers for even more insight into your business. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to better understand your marketing and sales from this quantitative approach.

b) If you want to try some pay-per-click advertising, Google rolled out the new AdWords Express to complement the traditional Google Adwords. The express version is much easier to configure and quickly get started with but while lacking a lot of customization features.

Even if you’re on a tight budget you could try setting up an AdWords Express ad campaign and tracking the results to determine if you want to invest more. Also, along with Google Analytics, you’ll get great data about your audience and what they’re searching for.”

You can check out this podcast on iTunes and on SoundCloud!


Conquering Chaos – An Interview with Productivity Expert Marina Darlow



Welcome to Podcast Nation, Arlington Entrepreneurs’s own podcast! Look for it on iTunes, or listen to it right here on our website. You can also download each episode to your computer.

Are you a “do-it-all-yourself” entrepreneur looking for ways to work with less stress and more efficiency? Check out this podcast interview with Arlington Entrepreneurs member and productivity consultant Marina Darlow. She’ll outline the first steps you should take to get you and your business back on track.

Marina will be the featured speaker at Arlington Entrepreneurs’s May 17 Networking Seminar at Workbar Arlington, in Arlington, Massachusetts. The event will start at 6:30 pm and will include free parking, refreshments and plenty of time for networking. Come by for some networking and learning, come away with new contacts and ideas for making your business run efficiently and stress-free!

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